Sales and Finance Resources For Caravans


First class caravan touring starts with the right van and the right caravan loan so you can explore, holiday and travel, comfortable in the knowledge you made all the right choices. Right choices are made with the right information and on this site we present you with caravan sales and finance resources to assist you with your purchase and loan decisions. Whether you’re considering a fully-optioned luxury model, a budget pop up style or functional slide-on, new or second hand, attractive sales and finance packages are available.

Caravan Loans Online

You enjoy the flexibility and freedom that caravanning offers – choosing your route and your schedule, visiting out of the way places, and staying connected with friends and family online. So you expect to be able to handle your caravan loan online also.

Reviewing options, receiving quotes, calculating estimates, contacting your broker – at a time and place that suits you. We recommend Jade Caravan Finance Australia, visit their website for more information.

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Repayment Calculator

When you’re touring you need resources you can access online, quickly and easily. The repayment calculator is an essential online resources for every savvy caravan buyer. It allows you to calculate your estimated repayments on various loan configurations from the comfort of your van, home, office or anywhere you can connect to the internet.


Best Caravans For Sale

When you have the resources, finding the best caravan for your intentions can be as enjoyable and fun as touring experience itself. Caravanning has enjoyed a dramatic resurgence in recent times, which is a boon for buyers who are spoilt with the amount of choices.

Manufacturers are regularly releasing new models and committed caravan owners upgrading, resulting in many good quality vans available on the used market.

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Loan Interest Rates

Caravan loans can be sourced through finance brokers and some banks and finance companies and interest rates can vary. Rates may be set depending on the van you are purchasing, your loan amount, the number of years you want to repay the loan and your personal loan application profile.

You can spend a lot of time shopping around yourself for the best rates but by dealing with a finance broker, you can save a lot of that time.