Repayment Calculator

When you’re touring you need resources that you can access online, quickly and easily. The repayment calculator is an essential online resources for every savvy caravan buyer.

When you’re out on the road, get enticed by a neighbouring van and start thinking about upgrading, you want to resources to get an estimate on a loan for the new caravan of your dreams.

If your business hours days are full with work and activities, you want a resource to get an estimate of a caravan loan, out of business hours.

You just like the privacy and confidentiality of doing your purchase and finance research ‘behind the scenes’.

Then the online easy caravan loan calculator is the essential resource to include in your caravan finance arsenal.

The caravan loan calculator is online, so you can access it from wherever you can connect to the internet!

The calculator is designed to use on PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Calculate Your Repayments Yourself!

  • There’s no need to make a phone call
  • No need to speak with a finance consultant
  • No need to answer intrusive and seemingly irrelevant questions
  • No need to wait for return calls
  • No need to complete an enquiry form and wait for a reply email

You can calculate your caravan loan repayments yourself! It’s a complete do it yourself service.

The loan calculator allows you to calculate your estimated repayments on various loan configurations from the comfort of your van, home, office or anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Click through to this link to try it for yourself

How it works:

Enter the amount of the loan – that’s how much you want to borrow. Consider including and set up costs you may like to cover in a loan

Enter the interest rate – the calculator offers you a selection of rates from 5% to 17.95%

Enter the loan term – the amount of time you prefer to repay the loan

Enter the residual – this is the balloon amount which is payable as a lump sum at the end of the loan term

After entering these figures, you will see a resulting amount – this is the estimate of the monthly repayments applicable to that loan.

If it is not in your budget, vary the amounts, ie the loan term or residual or interest rate and see how that changes the monthly repayment.

It’s quick, easy and convenient!

The repayment result is an estimate only as it does not include any fees and charges which may apply to your particular loan.

There’s no obligation to proceed further, but if the repayment is within your expectations, get the loan application process and contact the broker