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Best Caravans For Sale
When you have the resources, finding the best caravan for your intentions can be as enjoyable and fun as touring experience itself. Caravanning has enjoyed a dramatic resurgence in recent times, which is a boon for buyers who are spoilt with the amount of choices.

New Caravans

There are several very well regarded caravan manufacturers and you can easily review their latest models online at their websites.

Check out the specs, the luxury or budget inclusions, see photos of the interiors and where you can purchase.

Dealers often represent several brands and offer a great place to visit to inspect many vans first-hand.

Here are links for new caravan sales


Caravan Shows and Expos

Shows and expos offer a sensational opportunity to keeping abreast of what’s available in the caravan, camper and RV market.

Industry associations regularly host expos in major cities with smaller shows at other times.

Check out the association websites and caravan owner forums for upcoming shows

Second Hand Caravans

With manufacturers regularly releasing new models and committed caravan owners upgrading to newer models there are many good quality vans available on the used market.

Dealers may have a range of used vans on their lot or know of upcoming listings via their orders for new models.

Caravan, camper and RV sales websites are a great source for used vans as they bring both dealer and private sellers together in the one place. They also allow you to browse the interstate market without leaving home.

The best sites feature advanced search functions so you can narrow your search by price, type, quality and other aspects.

Here are links for new caravan sales


Choosing Your Caravan

You probably have an idea of what you want in your caravan, but if you are having trouble prioritising your wish list, here’s a few ideas to assist you:

  • Do you intend to take long road trips or more short weekend style holidays: if you are only away for a few days at a time, you want require as much living space as for longer trips and perhaps don’t require features like laundry facilities, large refrigeration and extensive storage.
  • How many people do you want to accommodate: this will determine how many beds you require.
  • Is your vehicle suitable for towing the van of your choice: this is a major consideration!
  • Power system: are you are planning to stay at parks where you can connect to mains or will you be relying primarily on battery power.

We hope these resources are useful in your search for the best van and happy touring!